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Atomrobot is a leading parallel robot developer, manufacturer&solutions provider for the system of supporting production line in China, the founding team comes from Tianjin University& Beihang University the well-known parallel robot research and development universities.

Atomrobot focuses on researching its core calibration technology including the Optimization Design of the Parallel bodies, the Precision Design, Machine Vision, Error Compensation and Kinematic Calibration, enabling continuous improvements in the parallel robotics field. The special control system and vision system of the parallel robot developed have been iterated many times, greatly reducing the application cost of the parallel robot.

There are about 150 employees in Atomrobot with more than 80 persons are R&D related ones. Based on its development on software system and accumulation of related talents, Atomrobot achieved the cover the whole production line of parallel robot. The production line is based on 3 series, "Delta Plus", "Diamond" and "Cross" while covering 3 different degrees of freedom:2,3,4. What's more, the working space Range Reaches to 2200mm, Payload to 25kg.

Since its establishment in 2013, it has served more than 500 customers, covering food&beverages, pharmaceutical, electronics, daily chemical and other industries.

Within 7 years, Atomrobot flew over 220 cities, visited more than 700 customers, and brought back thousands of samples, worked on thousands of solutions and shot videos of hundreds of customers testing Atom's robots in various application scenarios. Through this down to earth, tireless efforts, Atomrobot surpasses quite a few of its industrial robot competitors.

Atomrobot believes its core competitive advantage lies in the close attention on their customers. Furthermore, the company believes in continuous efforts in improvement and advancement in technology. It updated and upgraded 9 parallel robots in only three years in the past.

Tianjin headquarters
With the purpose of mastering the core technology of parallel robots, the company has gathered a group of more than 50 R&D personnels with outstanding professional capabilities in industrial robot control systems, vision systems and theoretical configurations. Through the perfect R&D process system, we have made continuous breakthroughs in the technical fields of trajectory planning, motion algorithms, 3D vision, and continue to contribute to the technological innovation and product upgrades of AtomRobot.

The production base is located in Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone. It covers an area of 8,000 square meters and has an annual production capacity of 5,000 units. It is the largest parallel robot production base in China. The base was put into operation in early 2020, supporting more than 10 CNC machining centers and dozens of automated assembly production lines, helping the new factory greatly increase the breadth and depth of robot production

Suzhou Subsidiary
Suzhou subsidiary located in Suzhou, office area of 3,000 square meters, equipped with pre and after-sales service centers response centers more quickly, more efficiently touch of Jiangsu, Zhejiang region of integrator customers to escort AtomRobot business in East China.

Dongguan Office
The company's office is located in Dongguan. As the window of Astro Robot in South China, it can better establish contact with local and surrounding integrator customers. The office is usually equipped with pre-sales technical staff and business reception staff to respond to customer needs 24 hours, 2 hours to reach the customer site.

Atomrobot has the core independent intellectual property rights of a full range of parallel robots, obtained 42 invention patents, 50 utility model patents, 6 software copyrights, 3 design patents, and 9 core technologies, published 2 SCI retrieval papers and 4 EI retrieval papers in the field of robotics with the R&D team of Tianjin University& Beihang University.

"We hope that Atomrobot parallel robot could have its name in the history of the development of industrial robotics" SONG Tao (), the CEO of AtomRobot.
LIU Songtao (), CTO, participated in national major projects in Science and Technology field; one of the projects backed by National Natural Science Foundation of China; Specializes at the R&D of 2-4 degrees of freedom high-speed handling robots, robots he developed was selected to be presented at the National Science and Technology Achievements Exhibition during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period. Even when he was still in university, he formed BEI Yang FSAE and the first formula car in Tian Jin University was designed and made into reality by him. In November 2018, LIU Songtao won the golden award in the 4th China "Internet+" University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.
  • Mission

    Free your hands with technology

  • Vision

    To be the most trusted service provider of industrial robot in the world

  • Values

    Excellent strength products and services to the ultimate long-term market stand;
    Build a team that trusts each other, has the courage to act, and moves forward;
    Believe that talent is the source of strength to wear unlimited possibilities;
    Through continuous innovation to change the world.

Prof. HUANG Tian (), the academic leader of Atomrobot, has a great reputation in this field. What's more, with an accumulation from several years, Atomrobot developed the control system independently, and applicated the visual algorithm of AI into the system to guarantee the speed and efficiency of its products.
Prof. WANG Tianmiao(), who is the chief expert consultant of Yarui Capital and professor of Being University, said that "Everybody could see the technology base and R&D strength of Atomrobot."
Atomrobot, as a Chinese industrial robot brand, it is
aiming to become the top tier parallel robot company in
the international market.
  • 2020, 5

    In May, Suzhou company is fully operational.

  • 2020, 3

    In March, the 4th production base was put into use

  • 2019, 8

    In August, B financing

  • 2018, 11

    In November, won the 4th"Internet+" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, National Gold Award.

  • 2018, 9

    In July, Self-developed vision system comes out(AtomVision)

  • 2017

    In March, company moved to Tianjin Economic Development Zone

  • 2016, 1

    In January, won the second prize of international technical invention.

  • 2015, 8

    In August, release Atomrobot Brand

  • 2014

    In June, Diamond, Delta&Cross were officially exhibited at the 2014 CIIF(Shanghai).

  • 2013, 6

    In June, passed "ISO9001 Quality Management" system certification

  • 2007

    AtomRobot was my countrys first parallel robot settled in the China Science and Technology Museum.

  • 2001

    The parallel robot developed by Prof. HUANG Tians team won the US patent