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Wipes lid applicator


Robotic equipment to apply lids on packs of wet wipes with the broadest range of machines in the market,

from basic equipment up to 65 packs per minute, to high speed machines up to 210 packs per minute.


· Carbon steel or stainless steel frame (Optional).

· The sturdiest and fastest robots in the market (atomrobot).

· The most advanced control system.

· An intuitive interface (HMI).

· Lid applicator specific vision system.

· Lid feeding options (vertical magazines, pick & place robot, bulk).

· The best gluing systems.

· Easy quality control, integrated and robust.


Safety, accessibility and efficiency

Completely safe machine, with outstanding access for maintenance, low maintenance and high efficiency.

Robust chassis

Robust, low vibration, clean and easy to access in a compact machine.

Glue optimization and management

Glue rope control, clean operation and low consumption.


Remote connection for support and access for data transfer.

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